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15 Design-Friendly Places to Hide the Cat Litter Box

Houzz featured Dynamic Kitchens and Interiors in one of their latest articles.  We designed a laundry room with the notion of hiding the cat litter box in the cabinets.  It was designed to blend into the room yet convenient for the cat.  Check out the article from Houzz where we were featured.  Complete article can be found at CAT BOX.   Here is a snippet from the article of what was said about us.  We were number 5.  Julie Sneer is the contributing writer.

In a Drawerlaundry-room-2

5. The door in this Wilmington, North Carolina, home was custom-made for the cat. There’s an entry hole in front, and the cabinet pulls open for cleaning the box. A back door nearby helps with ventilation, designer Alice Evans of Dynamic Kitchen and Interiors says.




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