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Fall Design Trends

Fall is arriving and time to freshen up the look in your home.  Here are some fun Fall Design Tips of 2015 courtesy of HGTV/bloggers.  For a complete read you can go to this link:  Fall Trends

The Trend: The New Neutralsnew neutrals
“Colorless design is something that is really striking a chord as new and fresh,” says Brian Patrick Flynn of Decor Demon. “It’s all about the use of texture and shape rather than color and contrast.” Here, grass-cloth wall covering, 3-D art and fur accessories add interest without bright hues.


Get thwhite on whitee Look: White on White
“One of the ways I’m using it is by layering several shades of parchment with ultra white,” Brian says. “It’s gorgeous, fresh and unexpected. Hmmm, beige and unexpected are two words I never thought I’d use together.”




curated look
The Trend: The Curated Look
“The ‘curated look’ is the biggest design trend this fall,” says Lynn Byrne of Decor Arts Now. “It is a liberating trend; the only rule is that you collect and display what you love. What something costs is irrelevant; whimsy and quirkiness are a plus.”

gallery wall
Get the Look: Create a Gallery Wall
“The easiest way to inject the ‘curated’ look into your home: Hang your pictures and objects ‘salon’-style as a gallery wall,” Lynn says. This gallery wall in her home includes architectural drawings of the house, a Fornasetti plate, a print by Hugo Guinness and art sourced on Etsy and at thrift shops and flea markets.
mix and match lookThe Trend: Mix-and-Match Styles
Designer Julia Buckingham Edelman adds that the curated look extends from accessories to furniture. “Instead of the idea that all interior spaces have to match, my clients are allowing me a more creative and unique approach to their interiors,” she says. We are taking more risks in mixing and matching style and design genres.” Here, a white-and-silver palette unifies new and old items.
Get the Look: Create Unexpected Vignettesvignettes
To mix and match styles effortlessly at home, gather up a few unique pieces that you love. Thinking in groups of three to five, “look at what could be moved and integrated with other existing pieces to shake things up,” Julia says. “Reconfiguring new and existing pieces in an experimental way can allow for the most unusual of pairings.”
Get the Lflea market lookook: Try Flea Market Finds
If you’re just starting to furnish a room, search yard sales or flea markets for something you’re head-over-heels for, then build the room around that. “I always find that if you love a piece or accessory you will always find a place for it,” Julia says.

The Trend: Distinct Designdistinct design
“A fall trend I see is distinct design, where people embrace how they live and where they’ve been, each room telling a story about their lives,” says designer Nyla Free

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