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Home New Years Resolutions!

2016 is fast approaching and here are some fun and practical New Years Resolutions that pertain to your home.

1. Get organized.  Saying you want to be organized is not the same as actually being organized.  Take time to evaluate what needs the most attention in your home.  Is it a closet, laundry room, office or the kitcheVector New Year's Resolutions Listn?  Take one room at a time and think about how you can get organized.

2.  Start fresh.  What do we mean by starting fresh?  Start the year off with a clean slate in your home.  PURGE PURGE PURGE!  Throw away those old linens or donate them,  freshen up your dinnerware….are you still using the ones from 1986 and seriously take down that floral wallpaper that was put up in 1995.  Starting a project big or small and seeing the results will make you and your home feel all new again.

3.  Doing it right the first time.  Yes, if you are going to start a project in 2016 and get organize or start fresh in your kitchen then hire the right person the first time.  Getting it wrong will set you back not only in time but money.  Alice Evans at Dynamic Kitchens and Interiors has years of experience, knowledge and a  portfolio of all her projects she has done over the years.  Call her for your new 2016!  910-763-9870!

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