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Remodeling in 2016!

Spring is in the air and so is the time to do some of that “spring cleaning” you have been putting off for so long!  I am sure one of those items is either a kitchen or bath remodel.  Time to take the 80s, 90s or even early 2000’s out of your home and do a little updating.  Here are some simple ideas to add something current to your kitchen:

  • Paint your kitchen cabinets-just by changing the color can open up the whole room
  • Paint the island a different color from the cabinets
  • Change out your counter tops
  • Change hardware
  • Change lighting

Now you may think all these items will cost an arm and leg, but perhaps doing them one step at a time wont break the bank all that much.  Much of these ideas are a simple way of creating a current look.  Especially the painting of the cabinetry, it much less expensive than putting all new cabinets.

Simple ideas to add to your bathrooms:

  • For a half bath:  change out the vanity from pedestal to full cabinet with counter top.  These don’t have to be big-you can find some great looking ones even at Lowe’s Home Improvement.
  • Paint the bathroom a new color-paint always does wonders and adds a fresh look
  • New toilet seat-one that is slow close and does not slam down
  • New pictures on the wall
  • New lighting
  • Take out that builder grade mirror and add something that catches the eye-antique mirrors make the bathroom look awesome
  • Change out the towel holders

There are so many other ideas you could do just fix up your rooms but these are a great start to start thinking what you really could do to your rooms in your home.  Now if you are not a “do it yourselfer” then hiring a designer with experience may be the way to go.  Dynamic Kitchens and Interiors does offer full remodels on any room in your home.  Call Alice today at 910-763-9870 or email her  Visit the gallery to see all the projects she has done over the years.

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