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Soothing Bathrooms!

Better Homes and Garden had a great article on bathroom trends for 2017!  Check this out and go HERE for complete article!

The right color palette has the ability to inspire tranquility. Transform your bathroom into a spa-worthy sanctuary with our favorite calming color schemes.  Here are a few of what BHG offered for 2017!  Go to link above for full list of colors.

Pewter + Ivorysoothing bathroom

In a colorful, busy world, coming home to a calm, neutral space feels like a breath of fresh air. Soft pewter walls mingle effortlessly with a classic double vanity in ivory. The gray hue continues in the curtains and marble countertops and shines against the room’s creamy trim.




beige and chocolateBeige + Chocolate + Creamy White

Brown tones bathe this traditional bathroom in warm and inviting character. Deep chocolate covers a wood-clad built-in bathtub, which blends seamlessly with lighter khaki-color walls. Creamy white emphasizes the architectural detail of surrounding windows.

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